Matloob Ahmed

Matloob Ahmed


Wood is elegant, rare, and very desirable. It comes in various forms and can be crafted into a host of beautiful. Some of the artisans we nurture create products from wood. Let’s meet one of them in order to get to know them and their line of work better.

Wood, Matloob and Nimmit

Matloob has been creating products from wood since 1988. Matloob is from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He moved to Jodhpur in search of work and support his family. He stayed back once he found it.

Matloob and his son are in this line of work. They also employ workmen. The number of people they employ depends on the amount of work they have. This is one of the many challenges Matloob and his son face. The women in the family are homemakers, one of whom (his sister) is studying for an MSc (Masters of Science).

There are many challenges in the line of work Matloob is in. For one, getting skilled labour is a constant problem. More and more people are going away from doing this kind of work and choosing office-based jobs. And technology is a threat, in that machine-made goods taking over the market.

It’s difficult for artisans like Matloob to deal with these threats on their own. They need to be supported in multiple areas like design, marketing, and infrastructure. This is where Nimmit steps in to help and nurture people like Matloob. We pave the way to a more secure future, and ensure what they do doesn’t disappear forever.

Nimmit welcomes you to join us on this journey by inviting you to take a look at some of the products Matloob and his team create.

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