Corporate Profile


Corporate Profile

Nimmit will contact artisans from around India and bring their handiwork to the notice of an appreciative Indian and global community.

Nimmit wll do this in three ways. One, create a collection developed by each artisan based on a brief that has been provided to him or her or their community. Two, artisans will be invited to be a part of workshops that Nimmit will set up for them at the Nimmit branch in Jodhpur. And, three, Nimmit will organize exhibitions all over India and, even, in other parts of the world to promote the idea of Nimmit.

In this manner, we will become their window to the world and an invitation to the world to them. Nimmit will explore this idea of connecting and collaborating in a number of ways, all of which will be focused on nurturing the brilliance and beauty of Indian arts and crafts to all corners of the globe.

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